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5 Tips for Fitting a Dentist Appointment Into Your Busy Schedule

When you’re tied up with managing work responsibilities, attending your children’s sporting events and running errands, finding time for dental check-ups can be a challenge. Especially when you’re faced with the choice of either going to the dentist or meeting up with old friends for a bite to eat – we all know which one most (if not all) people would choose.

No matter how hectic your schedule, regular dental cleanings are crucial for maintaining healthy smiles. To help you ensure dentist check-ups remain a priority, we’re sharing 5 essential tips for squeezing dentist appointments into your busy schedule.


1. Make a to-do list

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done? Listing out all of your tasks by priority can help you put everything into perspective and tackle your responsibilities one by one. If you plan out your tasks every week, you can stay on track and, hopefully, carve out time for the dentist.

2. Schedule the appointment at the beginning or end of your day

No one likes leaving work early for a dentist appointment, only to have to play catch up the next day. Before you decide on a dentist, make sure their hours accommodate your busy schedule. Do they offer early morning, late evening or Saturday appointments? Are they flexible with their hours?

If your afternoons and evenings are chaotic, search for a dentist with early morning hours. When you schedule an appointment at the beginning of your day, you get your dentist appointment out of the way and enjoy the rest of your day with sparkling teeth. If you’re not a fan of mornings (who is?), or you have an early morning work commute, schedule your appointment after your busy day.

3. Get everything you need done in one appointment

Finding time for one dentist appointment, let alone two or more, is a challenge when you’re busy 24/7. If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, and you know you’ll need extensive dental work done, visit a comprehensive dentist that offers a range of services. A comprehensive dentistry will provide most if not all of the dental services you need in one convenient location, eliminating the hassle of driving all over to visit multiple dentists for specialty services. You’ll save time and ensure your teeth are in tip top shape.

4. Schedule an appointment far in advance

Scheduling a dentist appointment weeks or even months in advance can help you stay on-track with your dental cleanings and prepare for the appointment in advance. By marking the appointment on your calendar ahead of time, you ensure that block of time is reserved and that no other appointments or engagements are scheduled at that time.

The best time to schedule an appointment is after your previous dentist appointment. As you’re walking out of the office, be sure to stop by the front desk and discuss your next appointment. Schedule the appointment at a time of the day that works for you, preferably before or after work as we mentioned above, so you’re less likely to back out of the appointment later on.

5. Look for a dentist with same-day appointments

Planning ahead isn’t always possible, especially when a urgent work project appears out of nowhere or your child suddenly falls ill. If you schedule dentist appointments far in advance, only to have to cancel them the day before because something always comes up, same day appointments may be the solution.

Same day appointments are not just for emergencies anymore. If you find yourself with some unexpected free time, you can schedule an appointment last minute and immediately take care of all of your dental needs. Dentists offering same day appointments will find the earliest available appointment and stop your endless cycle of scheduling and canceling dentist appointments.

West Chester Dental Arts is a family dentist offering a range of dental services in one location. If you’re short on time or need to be seen immediately, we will do everything in our power to fit you in the same day. For more information, or to learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.