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Finding Affordable Dental Care Without Dental Insurance

Dental care is essential for good health. When you visit the dentist at least once or twice a year for routine checkups, you ensure healthy gums, whiter smiles and avoid larger dental problems down the road. However, 56% of Americans without insurance ignore their oral hygiene and simply don’t go to the dentist.

This is especially the case for older students and graduates fresh out of college who are no longer under a parent’s insurance and may have a full-time job that doesn’t offer dental coverage. Living from paycheck to paycheck, these individuals are more worried about paying the bills than the state of their teeth. They don’t want to spend valuable time and money visiting the dentist.

What they don’t realize is that dental care, even out of pocket, doesn’t have to be expensive. Promotional deals, discount dental plans and introductory offers can reduce costs associated with different levels of care. If you’re searching for affordable dental care without insurance, here are some solutions:

1. Introductory Offers

To get you in the door, some dental offices perform initial check-ups at reduced costs or even for free. For example, West Chester Dental Arts offers a free x-ray, exam and consult for new patients. A preventative care checkup is a good start for determining if you have any pressing dental issues. You’ll get the dental care you need without breaking the bank!

2. Online Deals

There’s coupons for everything nowadays, including the dentist. You can find coupons for dental cleanings, x-rays, treatment plans and pretty much any service. Even Groupon offers discounts on basic assessment services. The trick is to find an office in your area and ensure coupons discount standard prices. Find out the price before visiting a dental office so you’re not fooled by any gimmicky deals.

3. Dental Discount Plans

An alternative to traditional dental insurance, dental discount plans offer services at reduced costs to members at specific dental offices. Members pay a yearly fee and then receive a discount on any treatment received throughout that year.

For  example, West Chester Dental Arts offers an affordable membership plan that covers two regular dental exams, two regular dental cleanings and all necessary x-rays. Membership provides 10% off on other dental procedures. If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, and you know you have plenty of treatments in store, this plan can really pay off.

Lack of insurance is no longer a reason for avoiding the dentist, especially since dental offices like West Chester Dental Arts try to help patients without dental insurance. To learn more about our office and the comprehensive dental services we offer, contact us today.