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In a fast-paced world where everyone is constantly on the move, it’s tough to keep tabs on everything that needs to get done. Regardless if you’re a busy parent, young professional or even a student, cramming all of the important things into your day-to-day can be stressful and frustrating. Sometimes, you probably wish there were an easier way. For your dental appointments, there is.

Comprehensive dentistry provides all the dental services you need in one convenient location. If you’re thinking this is common and every dentist does this–you’re wrong. Comprehensive dentists offer a large menu of services under one roof.

With a staff larger and more experienced than the average dentist, comprehensive dental offices can address anything from preventative care, to cosmetic dentistry, to family and children’s dentistry, to services that even can make your trip to the dentist more comfortable. Sounds pretty good, right? Here are four ways comprehensive dentistry saves you (and your family) precious time.

Local Office Convenience

A comprehensive dentist can start you off with a cleaning and checkup, to the x-ray all the way to the final treatment. Dentists like this can provide all the dental services that you need-—and more—in one convenient, often-times local office.

Instead of driving you (or your entire family) around visiting dentists to fill all of your needs, like surgical, cosmetic and reconstructive needs, you can receive complete dental services and specialty treatments at a dentist that you know, trust and feel comfortable with. Having a dentist that understands your specific needs and your dental history can help significantly when receiving treatment at any level.

One Appointment for the Entire Family

For most dentists, children and adults need to visit different offices—one that specializes in youth dentistryand one that specializes in adult dentistry. A comprehensive dentist will be experts in both fields, making it incredibly convenient for families searching for a dentist.

Comprehensive dentists typically have expertise in many different areas, with a larger staff to accommodate all of the specialties. Staff at comprehensive dentistry offices are typically exceptionally kind, gentle and caring considering all of the different people they encounter in a regular week. They take into account the needs and preferences of all members in your family and cater to any special needs that are necessary.

Not only do these dentists provide a more convenient way to schedule a dentist appointment, but they save you and your family precious time. Scheduling visits together dramatically reduces the amount of time dedicated to driving to and waiting at different offices and simplifies the entire process, making it easier for you to go and less likely to forget that the appointment is scheduled.

Services for Every Age

Everyone has a different reason for going to the dentist. Your children might just need their teeth cleaned or require an extraction due to crowded teeth. You might need a simple filling or have your teeth whitened before a big event, or maybe you have elderly parents in your care who need dentures. Whatever the reason for needed care, a comprehensive dentist can most certainly remedy it.

A comprehensive dentist can provide all these services and more at one location. Instead of waiting for openings at a variety of dental offices for specialty services, a comprehensive dental office will fit you right into a time slot that is most convenient for you and your family members. As a regular patient, your dentist understands your needs, so everything is addressed promptly without preliminary consults.

Problems Are Immediately Addressed

You visit the dentist for a cleaning and find that you have a cavity. A comprehensive dentist not only identifies problems and potential issues but can treat virtually all of them—most of the time on the spot.

You save time by resolving your immediate dental problems right away in one appointment rather than having to visit a specialist when you have an emergency matter that leaves you in pain. Comprehensive dentistry saves you both time and money by offering a range of services to take a proactive approach for your dental health.


Avoiding the dentist due to lack of time is no longer a valid excuse. West Chester Dental Arts caters to the dental needs of children, young professionals, parents and grandparents with a range of services that offers convenience for those with busy schedules. To learn more about our office and comprehensive dental services, contact us today.