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Keep Teeth Healthy for Those Halloween Treats

We know the situation all too well- your kids get dressed up, go door to door collecting the world’s most sugary concoctions, come home, eat one piece and fall asleep from all of the excitement.

That’s where your excitement begins – you can freely dive into their sweet collection and take yourself into sugar nirvana. Sounds fun for everyone, right? We’d agree. Sweet treats (in moderation) are great, as long as you and your kiddos take care of your teeth afterward and keep our Halloween dental care advice in mind.

How to Keep Teeth Healthy for Those Halloween Treats

We’re not here to tell you not to eat candy, because let’s be honest, everyone loves candy. What we want to do is educate you on which candies are less harmful to your teeth than others, and how to clean up your mouth long after the sugar-coated coma has subsided. Read on to discover essential Halloween dental care tips:

Avoid the sticky stuff

Anything that can stick to your teeth can cause problems. Candies like gummy bears and taffy taste great, but sadly stick around longer than other candies, like chocolates. Things that are tacky tend to take more saliva to dissolve, and anything that stays on the teeth longer ups your chance of tooth decay.

Drink plenty of water

If you can’t resist the urge to eat some sweet treats (and really, who can?) make sure to avoid any drinks that have added sugar. Things like soda and sweetened iced tea are a sea of sugar, and drinking these add to the amount of time your teeth become exposed to sugar. Drink lots of water or seltzer instead!

Kick hard candy to the curb

Unless it’s sugar-free, sucking on hard candy for an extended period of time is harmful to your teeth. Opting for a sugar-free version will be kinder to your smile and help you have a healthy Halloween.

Eat your candy with a meal

Sweet tooths everywhere – rejoice! Eating your candy immediately after a meal is the best time to indulge. The mouth increases saliva production during meals and helps cancel out the acids that are produced by bacteria in your mouth, which helps get rid of food particles. Candy like chocolates and sugar-free chewing gums with an ADA seal are the best options.

Clean up twice a day

Brushing your teeth two times a day for two minutes each time will catch any other stubborn candy bits hanging around. Make sure to also change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months – brushing your teeth with an old toothbrush won’t do much good.

If you know it’s time for your child (or you) to see the dentist, especially after all of the spooktacular Halloween goodies, then please give West Chester Dental Arts a call today at 610-696-3371! We can schedule the entire family for a cleaning, and you’ll be on your way to your healthiest smile yet!