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West Chester Dental Arts Winter 2014 Newsletter

Holiday Gift Ideas ~ 2014 Insurance ~ Dental Plan ~ Sedation

Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We offer a variety of items for purchase from Sonicare & Oral-B Power Toothbrushes, replacement brush heads, Whitening Gift Certificates and Oral Hygiene Products. Be sure to ask your provider if interested in purchasing any products. All of these are great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Insurance For 2014

We would like to make sure all our patients are taking full advantage of their dental benefits. So be sure to contact the office to update your insurance changes and to get into the schedule for your unscheduled treatment plans to utilize your benefits for the New Year.

West Chester Dental Arts Dental Plan

We will be offering all of our patients with out insurance our in-office discount dental plan, this program is NOT DENTAL INSURANCE.

Dental Fear? Sedation is the Answer!

If you fear or dislike going to the dentist, your life could be changed by simply reading this. Oral  Sedation dentistry is changing the way many people get their dental care. No longer will you need to be tense or uncomfortable during dental work. The magic of this unmatched comfort is in a little blue pill. The pill is taken an hour before the procedure and additional medication can be given throughout the procedure as needed to obtain a level of sedation that will allow complex dental procedures to be performed in perfect comfort. Because of the amnesiac properties of the medication, there is little or no memory of the visit. We can maintain a good level of sedation for six hour or more, allowing us to correct significant dental problems in as little as one visit.

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