Gum Grafting in West Chester, PA

No more gummy smiles or small teeth.

Excessive or Uneven Gums

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Some dental patients face the issue of gums that are either excessive or uneven. This is often an inherited problem. Other people have gums that never receded after their permanent teeth came in. With others, it is not so much a gum issue as an issue of lips that reveal most of their gum line when they smile. There is a surgical procedure that these patients may choose to have done that can correct this issue.

Some people are self-conscious about smiling when they know their gums are prominent or uneven. Since the procedure is purely cosmetic, this “gum lift” is typically only done on the teeth that are visible when this person flashes their smile.

Laser Dentistry

A modern approach to an age-old problem.

The development of lasers in dentistry has provided a much simpler way to deal with gums. The dentist can perform the operation using only local anesthesia. By using lasers, there will be little to no bleeding. The recovery time and effort is minimal, and the patient can usually be back to normal conditions in a day.

As with any surgery, it is important to follow instructions for post-operation recovery. You will need to keep it clean and well-cared for. It would also be wise to keep any follow-up appointments that your dentist requests.

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